Bonnie Bajaj

Bonnie Bajaj

About Bonnie Bajaj

Bonnie Bajaj is a fine art photographer who is a native Hong Kong Chinese but has lived abroad for many years.  She began studying photography in Tokyo from 2003 under Tim Porter, originally a Canadian artist and filmmaker born in the USA and has been living and working in Japan since the 70s.

During her years living in Tokyo (1997 -2007), she was active in taking portraitures of actors, models and dancers.  She has participated in several group exhibitions as well as doing commercial work for Japanese fashion designers.

Her moving to New York in 2007 helped her continue to explore as a photographer.  She has taken keen interest in studying the emulsion based and alternative photographic processes.

Today, with her husband and nine year old daughter living in Hong Kong, she continues to be inspired by the energy and changes in the region to create her own projects as well as keeping close ties with the artistic community in Tokyo by working on projects there and continue to have exhibitions in the city. 

Her interest remains in fine art photography but does take on clients on a limited basis.  Inquire about her availability: